Eye on Monday: Chicago

This is post #100 for Blog Harbor which makes this something of an occasion to commemorate.  And I can think of no better way to do so then by highlighting my beloved hometown of Chicago.

I began this blog with a simple premise:  Writing about people, places, things and events that passionately and/or humorously moved me off the fence in one direction or another.  Over the past 16 months Blog Harbor has practically taken on a life of its own, progressing and growing in ways I never imagined possible.  Relatively speaking, it’s similar in scope and reach to Chicago. 

Chicago at Night

After the great fire of 1871, the city began rebuilding as architects started drawing up plans for what would soon become the world’s first skyscrapers.  No one could have foreseen what would happen with Chicago over the next 25 years as the city grew in remarkable ways, aesthetically, culturally and globally.  Today, Chicago is among the world’s greatest cities offering something unique and exciting for every palate.

Chicago photo by

It’s ridiculous to imply Blog Harbor is as grand, as diverse or as globally relevant as Chicago.  It’s not.  It’s a blog.  But in one very small way, the journey for both has been similar.  So my sincere thanks to all of you for making Blog Harbor a viable community on the internet.  Whether we’re talking about Chicago or a blog, it’s the people that make them come alive.  And without your consistent patronage and valuable input, Blog Harbor wouldn’t exist at all.


Chicago photo by Robert S. Donovan

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About the Author: Christopher Gabriel is the host of the cleverly named Christopher Gabriel Program on AM 970 WDAY in Fargo, North Dakota. You can hear him weekdays from 9 to Noon. As a writer and humorist, his work has been been published online by the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters and publications within the Sun-Times News Group.

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  1. myphotoscout says:

    I love Chicago. I have been there last summer and I fell in love with the city. Thanks for bringing back some good memories for me.

    I like your blog and your writing style. It would never occur to me to compare my site with a city.


  2. CGabriel says:

    myphotoscout: Thanks for stopping by! When you wrote “It would never occur to me to compare my site with a city,” that was a sticking point for me when I was writing this up. It’s only appropriate the first comment would hit on that!

    Of course I was simply trying to point up how I never imagined Blog Harbor would make it past, say, post #25 much less manage getting to #100. One thing I should point out: Chicago has far better restaurants than Blog Harbor but the blackened lobster tail at the Blog Harbor Inn is worth a trip. 🙂


  3. territerri says:

    Congratulations on 100 posts!

    Chicago is an awe-inspiring place. I’ve only been in the city once, a few years ago. My sister, her husband and kids moved to a nearby suburb and during one visit with them, I was treated to a site-seeing tour of the city. I felt like a kid, unable to take it all in fast enough, wanting to see everything and not having nearly enough hours to do so. It was easy to see why the “natives” of Chicago are so passionate about their hometown.


  4. Adam says:

    Once again, another great post. I really like the symbolism that you communicate in reference to the community of a city and the community of a website.

    As writers, it’s very important to understand that just as important as it is to build a community, a community doesn’t get built without giving something of value to your “residents.”

    You’ve shown that you have something of value to give, and as such, I will keep returning to Blog Harbor to find some of that community connection.

    Keep up the good work!

    Adam Shake


  5. CGabriel says:

    Terri, as always thanks for stopping by! You really should find a weekend sometime and get back down there. The arts, food, music, shopping….it’s all there in abundance. What a great weekender for families. And I should point out, I am not a member of the Chicago Tourism Board. 🙂


  6. CGabriel says:

    Adam, always nice to see you in Blog Harbor! I appreciate your kind words; you are someone who knows of what he speaks. 🙂

    I’d take the blog-city comparison one step further. A blog and its audience runs parallel to live theatre or a talk radio program and their audience. In all cases, there is a shared journey of discovery. And that journey’s direction has a lot to do with the audience. Our audience – or our readers – make up half of the equation. In a play, the audience will surprise you – they’ll laugh when you least expect it, they’ll be silent when you thought they’d react. The quality of a production improves by doing one thing: Listening. Similarly, although as writers we write about what moves us, we need to Listen. We need to hear, within our respective missions, what’s working and what isn’t.

    There’s a great old phrase: Theatre without audience is a rehearsal. A blog without a community is bunch of words and pictures.


  7. Wendy says:

    These pictures really make me miss Chicago!

    I remember fondly the years we lived there and the many trips we have taken to the Windy City. And, of course, that fateful day when I won “Fan of the Century” (or something like that) at Comiskey Park!

    Love the new features!


  8. CGabriel says:

    Here I am, the lifelong White Sox fan and you — YOU, get to be Fan of the Century (or whatever it was called!), go on the field, have your picture on the Jumbotron scoreboard, get free gifts. Meanwhile, security actually shoved me because I dared to lean out while trying to get a picture of you.

    I’ve never come to grips with that day.


  9. oscarstavern says:

    I’ve been to Chicago many times and enjoy it every time. Will be there later this year.


  10. CGabriel says:

    Nice to see you here, oscarstavern. When you visit Chicago again, make sure to stop by Billy Goat Tavern (if you haven’t already), of Saturday Night Live fame (well, the original SNL). It’s a must-see place with great burgers. And though it’s a tavern, should you have family with you it’s perfectly fine for the kids, too. Cheers!


  11. Mike says:

    Hmm… I guess I’m gonna have to go sometime. My girlfriend is orginally from Illinois, but not the Chicago area. Sounds like a cool place to go. It would be a good road trip destination one weekend; not that far from STL.


  12. CGabriel says:

    Hey Mike, you MUST go to Chicago! Might I assume you’re a Cardinals fan? If so, a Cards-Cubs game at Wrigley Field is an event. And bear in mind, I’m a diehard, lifelong White Sox fan so I generally don’t speak or type the words “Wrigley Field” or “Cubs” much less recommend them. 🙂


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