Oberg Farms: Innocent Farming or Something Else? (videos)

This past week I had the opportunity to learn about sugar beet farming, courtesy of a couple of great guys, Ernie Oberg and his son Brian.  Oberg Farms is a thriving business based in Moorhead (Minn.) but it’s hardly limited to sugar beets.  Potatoes, corn, wheat and soybeans round out a family-run business that’s been around for generations.  It was an enjoyable and informative day though one question plagued me every second I was there:  Is what they’re showing me really farming… or are Ernie and Brian hiding something?  They showed me this large vehicle below, insisting it was an integral part of the work they do.  What work were they speaking of?  Farming?  Or was it… something else?  Look very carefully at the face of their employee in this video.  Is he, perhaps, hiding something? 


They also took me to what looked like an extensive array of holding bins for crops.  It certainly was an impressive structure but you’ll notice from the footage – we kept a certain distance from the compound, never moving any closer than where we stood.  Why, I wondered?  What was really in those bins?  And where were the workers?  Who was the tiny man in the little house?  And why was he wearing a dark green construction helmet with a surgical mask?  Was all this merely a front? 


Is it all exactly as Ernie and Brian Oberg insist – a farming business that’s been in the family for a long time?  Or, is it something more… something complicated… something beyond the fringe?  You decide.

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  1. terri says:

    Quick! Call the authorities! Clearly this is a poorly veiled attempt to hide something evil! Farm tractor? Pfffft! It’s an assault vehicle if I ever saw one. And in that storage facility? Silly Putty. I’d bet my life on it. The Obergs are planning to immobilize the Midwest with Silly Putty. I don’t know how and I don’t know when. But it’s gonna happen.

    Drinking? Who me? Nahhhhh…..
    .-= terri´s last blog ..Life is Good – October 16, 2009 =-.


    Christopher Gabriel Reply:

    Silly Putty? That’s genius, Terri. I never thought of that. Those Obergs are very shifty.


  2. Mike says:

    LOL!!! You’re quite the reporter. I about spit my coffee out all over the place while I was watching this. Very funny stuff… but I’m sure it was an interesting trip. I just hope you wore your radioactive protection suit and got all of your immunizations beforehand!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..UpdateForm =-.


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