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Eye on Monday: Late Night Dining...My Way

Eye on Monday: Late Night Dining…My Way

When it comes to what I like to call Late Night Dining, I’m referring to restaurants (or stands) many would call a “dive.”  But one man’s dive is another man’s 5-star eatery. With that in mind, I give you my three favorite places in the United States that fall into the category of 5-star slices of simple, […]

Giving Thanks Shouldn’t Be So Hard

By Christopher Gabriel, Every year in late November families and friends gather to eat, watch football, eat a little more and watch even more football.  It happens on a Thursday, usually early in the afternoon.  Sometimes there’s wine and other assorted alcoholic beverages to go with the food.  Other times it’s simply water and […]

Food News: Are Turkeys Mobilizing?

By Christopher Gabriel, Driving on a major highway in suburban Minneapolis today, traffic nearly came to a halt.  The reason for the hold-up was: A. An accident B. Road construction C. Turkeys  Of course the answer is turkeys.  Two enormous birds that looked as though they were spawned from a master race of Super Turkeys simply […]

Wedginald Grows Up

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor For the past year, I’ve been following the progress of a young wheel of cheese named Wedginald.  Yes, that’s right, I said cheese.  Not Wedginald, my neighbor, or Wedginald, a little friend of my older daughter.  Nope, it’s Wedginald, a wheel of cheese.  Cheddar, to be exact.  Some might argue I […]