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LISTEN: Going Coast to Coast with the Talented and Versatile Bob Costas

LISTEN: Going Coast to Coast with the Talented and Versatile Bob Costas

One of my favorite broadcasters, sports or otherwise, is Bob Costas. Few people are as skilled and versatile as Costas. Either as a play-by-play announcer or studio host he’s covered football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, boxing, thoroughbred racing and, of course, his remarkable work through the years as NBC’s primetime host for Summer and Winter […]

Vikings vs. Saints: Whose Destiny Wins?

Vikings vs. Saints: Whose Destiny Wins?

The relationship most fans have with their NFL team is one built on love, trust and understanding.  They understand there will be peaks and valleys.  They acknowledge there will be times another team will tempt them.  And they accept the fact that love alone does not solve all problems. It’s with these delicate points in mind, […]

They Said It, I Read It and a Car Horn

By Christopher Gabriel Blog Harbor and The past few weeks have been loaded with what amounts to a verbal and prose buffet’s-worth of items screaming for attention in Blog Harbor.  With that in mind, grab your coffee, get comfy and let’s chat. Hi Sweetie-Pie I grew up in a family that frequently used names […]

Land of the Giants

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor Last night in the Arizona desert, Team History met Team Destiny.  When all was said and done, and as it often turns out, Destiny was just a little bit better than History. In what was thought to be an unthinkable, improbable outcome, the New York Giants ended the New England Patriots’ dream […]

’72 Dolphins Praying for a Giant Win

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor As we inch closer to kick-off for Super Bowl XLII, the game itself will be preceded on various networks by the annual ritual of Pregame Shows from Hell.  These programs really make you consider running out to the nearest Interstate and playing kickball at rush hour.  They’ll serve up stories and interviews ranging from […]

Boston vs. New York: The Center of the Universe

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor 75.  Does the number mean anything to you?  Surely it does to some people.  For example, it’s important to LEGO.  This past August 10th, they celebrated their 75th anniversary.  Esquire magazine will be celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.  And the 2007-08 sports calendar has the Southeastern Conference celebrating, yep you guessed […]