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Going Up North, to The Cabin, at The Lake (audio)

Going Up North, to The Cabin, at The Lake (audio)

When I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota more than a decade ago, there were cultural things I needed to learn about the region that would, allegedly, help me to assimilate. Specifically, things like knowing popular food items, participating in outdoor activities, and… learning MV, or Minnesota Vernacular. When I moved to Fargo, North Dakota, it was much the […]

Oberg Farms: Innocent Farming or Something Else? (videos)

This past week I had the opportunity to learn about sugar beet farming, courtesy of a couple of great guys, Ernie Oberg and his son Brian.  Oberg Farms is a thriving business based in Moorhead (Minn.) but it’s hardly limited to sugar beets.  Potatoes, corn, wheat and soybeans round out a family-run business that’s been around for generations.  It […]

The Favre Factor on WDAY (video)

I was on the air this morning when the biggest announcement in the history of the world came through our newsroom.  It aired on ESPN, the BBC…even a baby yak that speaks English helped Sherpas in Nepal understand the significance of the moment:  Brett Favre is back and he signed with the Minnesota Vikings.  After […]

Eye on Monday: Stages Theatre Company, Hopkins, MN

Eye on Monday: Stages Theatre Company, Hopkins, MN

This week’s Eye on Monday has a dual purpose.  It not only will highlight one of the two professional theatre companies for young audiences in the Twin Cities, but it will also serve as what amounts to an opening act for a new Blog Harbor feature called Spotlight.  Spotlight will be an interview series that does exactly what the […]

Brett Favre Feeling Minnesota?

And so The Favre Dance begins again.  Back on August 1, 2008 I wrote a piece about Brett Favre and the Packers.  Namely, that I believed the Packers and Favre were better off together.  The flurry of talk at the time was the idea Favre and Green Bay might work out a deal for him to join the Minnesota Vikings.  […]

It’s Dark. It’s Late. It’s Quiet. Why? (video)

It was dark.  It was late.  Nobody was out.  It was quiet.  Too quiet?  Maybe. But I needed to know:  Why was it so quiet?    Why wasn’t anyone out.  I knew why it was dark.  Because it was late.  When it’s late . . . it’s dark.  I could have been a detective. My […]