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The End of a Teaching Year

The End of a Teaching Year

I want to step out of character for a moment and, essentially, step in character.  The professional hats I wear are radio talk host, freelance writer and theatre instructor.  It’s that last one that gets attention today. Although I rarely talk about it here, most people who know me understand one of my great passions in […]

Eye on Monday: Sneak-a-Peek Cell Phone Technique (video)

I was speaking with a friend the other day about people and their cell phones. Namely, how folks can be in mid-sentence with you, stop abruptly, check their cell for a new text message and then continue talking as if nothing happened. Or, worse, they’ll actually interrupt you to read a text, then send a reply […]

The Batting Cage

The Batting Cage

As spring is settling in here in Minnesota, summer is in the on-deck circle.  And with summer around the corner, this means many things to different people:  Going to the beach house at the Jersey Shore every weekend, heading up to the Maine coast, traveling “up north to the cabin” here in our state and […]

The Three Minnesota Driving Styles Direct from Hades

Christopher Gabriel, I often think it’s me, this uncanny ability I possess that allows me to drive directly behind, or in front of, The Driver Spawned From the Depths of Hades.  And for those of you not up on your Greek mythology, Hades was the God of the Underworld, which also went by the same name.  Not […]

Nikos Got a Gig!

After arriving in Wisconsin several months ago, Nikos’ green card finally came through.  And I’m happy to report he got his first voiceover gig!  It’s a radio ad for a small Minneapolis jewelry store owned by Russian transplant and all-around good guy, Boris Valnekoff.  Nikos was the Sales Star of the Month for both January and February and […]

The Drive-Thru Window and #3418

Christopher Gabriel, It all started out like a great idea.  You drive up and order.  You drive a little further and pay.  Then you wait patiently before you receive what you’ve ordered.  And within minutes, you’re on your way.  Coffee, food, prescriptions, even alcohol – you did it all without ever getting out of the car.  It’s […]