The Farmland Almanac with Harrison Beillor is an audio satire involving farms, animals, people and when the combination of them goes very wrong.

The Gabriel Theatre on the Air pays homage to the Mercury Theatre on the Air, founded by Orson Welles and a wonderful mentor of Christopher’s, John Houseman.

Gabriel’s Angels highlights an exceptional person, or a group of people, in a company, a school, perhaps a house of worship or the community (any community in the nation or abroad) doing extraordinary things that make him or her worthy of being recognized as someone who goes above and beyond trying to make the world (or a small part of it) a better place.

Eye on Monday offers a collection of images and photo essays designed to give you a better view of CG’s world.  From a rare behind-the-scenes look at the renowned Gabriel Finger Puppet Theatre to some of Christopher’s favorite places to go, there’s always something interesting in pictures and words.

The Videos are random, spur-of-the-moment, highly under-produced slices of life that take you on a journey… somewhere.  Tutorials on how to accept a text message at a meeting, CG’s Blog Harbor offices adjusting to the economy, behind-the -scenes looks inside the station… in one way or another, they’re all just beyond the fringe.  All of them were produced by CG, save for one that illustrates how Greek Easter is celebrated by a couple of churches on the Greek Island of Chios… incidentally no one was hurt in the making of that video, incredible as it may seem.