Eye on Monday: Baseball 2009

Fenway seatsBaseball is back.  From Fenway Park and new Yankee Stadium on the east coast to Safeco Field and PETCO Park on the west coast, the scent of brats, dogs, barbecue and beer begins filling stadiums in earnest today.

Some of my fondest memories growing up were the many nights I spent with my family in old Comiskey Park on Chicago’s South Side:  The exploding scoreboard, the incredible food and the way the park shook when the White Sox were doing something great are as vivid now as they were 40 years ago.  Back then the Sox weren’t all that good but it didn’t matter.  They were our White Sox.  My White Sox.  And although I’ve lived in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and here in Minneapolis, my love-affair with the Sox remains intact. 

So as “PLAY BALL” rings out across the country, here are four of my favorite ballparks.  One is old, the others are new.  They sit in neighborhoods and they are hard by water.  They are intimate and they are grand.  Each one is unique from every other, but all of them are baseball through-and-through.  And fittingly, the architecture of each ballpark is completely in sync with the city it lives in. 

Here’s a General Admission seat, courtesy of Blog Harbor, for Fenway Park (Boston), AT&T Park (San Francisco), PNC Park (Pittsburgh) and PETCO Park (San Diego).

Fenway Park

AT&T Park

PNC Park


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About the Author: Christopher Gabriel is the host of the cleverly named Christopher Gabriel Program on AM 970 WDAY in Fargo, North Dakota. You can hear him weekdays from 9 to Noon. As a writer and humorist, his work has been been published online by the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters and publications within the Sun-Times News Group.

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  1. territerri says:

    There’s going to be a song stuck in my head today…


    …Love these pictures. They remind me that summer IS coming in spite of all appearances to the contrary.


  2. Paul Hassing says:

    Very nice. I’m not even into baseball and I found this interesting. That’s impressive! 🙂


  3. I love the new Comiskey Park (and the memories – we had some fun times visiting you & Wendy in Chicago)! Looking forward to the MN Twin’s new home…


  4. PhillyPat says:

    The Bank, my friend, you have to go to Citizens Bank Park. I just love that place.


  5. Mike says:

    Dear God… I wish you could’ve seen the stir around STL on opening day for the Cardinals. It was craziness. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere NEAR Bush Stadium! I would’ve been trampled. (I’m a little guy… it happens.)


  6. Jules says:

    MIKE!!!!!!!!!! You have lived in STL how long??? It is BUSCH Stadium…. aka Anheuser BUSCH. Oh what are we going to do with you. You need to go to a game.

    Now..back to what I was originally going to say before I read your comment and contemplated moving out of this apartment….

    GO CARDS!!!!! Those pictures of the stadiums are awesome though. I would love to go to a game and be able to see a beautiful cityscape in the background, or an ocean.

    Yay for baseball season!!!


  7. CGabriel says:

    Hi Jules, great to see you in Blog Harbor….please, come back anytime!

    Sometime down the road, you and Mike should do a summer vacation where you turn it into a baseball tour. It’s one of the coolest things you will ever do. I’ve always loved visiting other ballparks and sampling both the flavor of the fans (loud, quiet, crazy…they run the gamut) and the flavor of the food. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. 🙂


  8. Mike says:

    BUSCH… yeah I know. My bad. I don’t know why I forgot the ‘C.’ Guess I’m getting old. 🙁


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