Vikings vs. Saints: Whose Destiny Wins?

The relationship most fans have with their NFL team is one built on love, trust and understanding.  They understand there will be peaks and valleys.  They acknowledge there will be times another team will tempt them.  And they accept the fact that love alone does not solve all problems.

It’s with these delicate points in mind, I find myself thinking about family and friends here in the upper Midwest.  Almost every one of them is a Minnesota Vikings fan.  And right now, they’re nervous.  They’re living moment-to-moment in fear.  They’re spending most every waking moment calling the Vikings Help Line (1-800-Please Win) for reassurance their Purple will survive and move on to the big stage in Miami.

They can feel Miami.  They can taste Miami.  They can see Miami.  But for all their outward confidence that proudly and defiantly states this year will be the year they make it to the big stage, there remains doubt.

They’re Vikings fans and in the backs of their minds, names like Gary Anderson don’t go away. 

Brett Favre was brought in to lead the Vikings to Sunday in New Orleans.  This game, in this city, in this stadium – the same stadium that Favre won his only Super Bowl.  And from this game, the script says Favre will be The Show two weeks from now.  It won’t matter whether it’s the Colts or the Jets.  Peyton Manning or a remarkable run from a team left for dead one month ago will not stand up against The Man.

The only problem – the only foreseeable stumbling block for the Purple – is that the New Orleans Saints have a pretty solid script they’ve been working from as well.  And it’s something Vikings fans don’t understand.  Where they believe they are The Team of Destiny, Saints fans are making the same argument.

It’s Destiny vs. Destiny.  An organization that believes this is their moment vs. an organization that believes this is their moment.

So I’m torn.  On the one hand, I’m a lifelong Chicago Bears fan.  Translation:  I’m not inclined to root for the Vikings.  Ever.  Of course being a Bears fan means I struggle daily with a kind of mental abuse the team puts its fans through year after year after year. 

At the same time, I’m surrounded by family and friends who are rejoicing at the mere possibility of their beloved Vikings going to the Super Bowl.

And I feel for them.  I see their smiles and I hear their voices.  But the fear is there.  It comes out in a quiet aside to no one in particular or a glance to the sky that represents a silent scream for help.

I’ll root for the Vikings this Sunday… quietly.  I would like to see all those around me giddy with Super Bowl excitement come Monday morning.

But if it doesn’t go the way of the Purple, I will be respectful of them.  I’ll understand their pain with the knowledge their fears, sadly, were realized.

And then at least 83% of those same Vikings fans will be calling for the removal of Mr. Personality, Brad Childress. 

If they win and move on to the Super Bowl, only 67% of those same Vikings fans will be calling for the removal of Mr. Personality, Brad Childress.

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