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College Football 2008: Stories, Non-Stories and Near-Stories

By Christopher Gabriel, In just a few days, the Beijing Summer Olympics will begin.  Whether or not anyone actually sees who wins events in track and field because of the smog is anyone’s guess.  In just a few weeks, the Democratic and Republican national conventions will commence.  Whether or not anyone actually sees a candidate that can lead this nation is everyone’s hope. […]

Valdosta (Ga.) Named TitleTown USA; Losing Cities Furious

By Christopher Gabriel, Rival cities believe rigged voting VALDOSTA, Ga. (Harbors) – This afternoon, named Valdosta (Ga.) as TitleTown USA.  While residents of Valdosta were thrilled, the reaction in several other cities across the nation was swift and scathing. City leaders, local businessmen and even students in Los Angeles, Boston, Green Bay and Gainesville (Fla.) […]

ESPN: They Hate Us!

ESPN: They Hate Us!

In my freshmen year of college in Los Angeles, a sociology professor set up a little demonstration designed to illustrate perception versus reality.  Requiring three volunteers, he asked the hundred or so in the class if anyone was from Seattle, Chicago and Boston.  Sure enough, the three cities were represented so off to the blackboard they went. He then gave them […]

Championship Saturday in College Football

The first Saturday in December, traditionally, is when college football and clarity meet head-on.  Conference championships are won, the bowl picture is cleared up and, more often than not, all hell breaks loose.  Today shapes up as yet another one of those days.  Your biggest games: Missouri vs. Oklahoma, Big 12 Championship Tennessee vs. LSU, SEC Championship […]