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The WDAY NFL "Experts" Competition Getting Nasty

The WDAY NFL “Experts” Competition Getting Nasty

It started out as fun.  I called us the WDAY Cast of Characters (this includes Jeff Kolpack from the Forum…he’s also on WDAY and he’s definitely a character).  We’d pick three or four NFL games every week with the winner getting dinner bought at the Fargo-Moorhead restaurant of his/her choosing.  Now, just three weeks into the […]

The Favre Factor on WDAY (video)

I was on the air this morning when the biggest announcement in the history of the world came through our newsroom.  It aired on ESPN, the BBC…even a baby yak that speaks English helped Sherpas in Nepal understand the significance of the moment:  Brett Favre is back and he signed with the Minnesota Vikings.  After […]

Eye on Monday: The Radio Station

Eye on Monday: The Radio Station

The word on the street is that the station in the picture above is where I work in Fargo.  I’m here to confirm…it’s not.  Repeat:  This is not WDAY. There are no mountains in, around or near Fargo.  I’ll admit, the person looking out the window in the light green building does look like me […]

Eye on Monday: Bonding with the Red River

Eye on Monday: Bonding with the Red River

I’ve been long overdue to get down to the Red River.  After watching, reading and hearing about what happened in the Fargo-Moorhead area this past winter, I needed to meet the river, face-to-face.  It was imperative I gathered myself, geared up and did some hard riding to learn what makes this river tick.  Lacking my […]

The Christopher Gabriel Program: Shooting High at WDAY (video)

I thought it might be nice to take a moment to reflect on the direction and goals for my new radio program at AM 970 WDAY in Fargo (ND).

Christopher Gabriel Program, Meet Facebook

I knew it would happen.  I just knew it.  My producer here at 970 WDAY, the multi-talented, very sharp, very clever and somewhat devious Erik Matson, has put up what is apparently called The Christopher Gabriel Program Fan Page on………………….. Facebook. In Fargo, No One Can Hear You Scream. It wasn’t that long ago I […]

Eye on Monday: Bison in North Dakota

I knew all about Bison in North Dakota.  I knew there were a lot of them and I knew it was North Dakota State University’s nickname.  And all the people at my new home, AM 970 WDAY, told me “By the way, you’re going to hear some crazy stories about giant, mutant Bison . . […]