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Eye on Monday: The Radio Station

Eye on Monday: The Radio Station

The word on the street is that the station in the picture above is where I work in Fargo.  I’m here to confirm…it’s not.  Repeat:  This is not WDAY. There are no mountains in, around or near Fargo.  I’ll admit, the person looking out the window in the light green building does look like me […]

CGabriel and Blog Harbor: Change is in the Air

For those of you who are regular visitors to Blog Harbor, you’ve probably noticed a little less activity here over the past week or so.  Several days ago, the normal Eye on Monday feature was no where to be found.  And the same for today, as The Farmland Almanac with Harrison Beillor is not running in its […]

Harrison Beillor on AM 540 KQMB, Quimby (Montana)

with Harrison Beillor    [Audio clip: view full post to listen] *** Eat well, work hard, and give me a call.   PRODUCTION CREDITS KQMB Host:  Terry Svinale Producer:  David Allen Technical Director:  Wendy Gabriel Inspiration:  The Writer’s Almanac, with Garrison Keillor

Spotlight: Sandy Boren-Barrett, Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, make sure and read Part 1 of my interview with Sandy Boren-Barrett.  She’s got a lot to say and every word is well worth your time. Here’s Part 2: CG:  Sandy, over the years during rough economic times people have gravitated to the arts for a bit of an escape.  What kind of […]

Spotlight: Sandy Boren-Barrett

Today is the beginning of the Spotlight series at Blog Harbor. In the coming months you’ll be reading interviews with an eclectic mix of professionals at the top of their game in the arts, media, sports, politics, child psychology, business and environmental issues.  You’ll even meet a group of 13 pretty amazing teens in middle school and high school.  And of course […]

It’s Dark. It’s Late. It’s Quiet. Why? (video)

It was dark.  It was late.  Nobody was out.  It was quiet.  Too quiet?  Maybe. But I needed to know:  Why was it so quiet?    Why wasn’t anyone out.  I knew why it was dark.  Because it was late.  When it’s late . . . it’s dark.  I could have been a detective. My […]

The End of a Teaching Year

The End of a Teaching Year

I want to step out of character for a moment and, essentially, step in character.  The professional hats I wear are radio talk host, freelance writer and theatre instructor.  It’s that last one that gets attention today. Although I rarely talk about it here, most people who know me understand one of my great passions in […]