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College Coaches: Are They Worth The Big Money?

By Christopher Gabriel Blog Harbor and Last week I was talking with a Tennessee Volunteers fan about, of all people, UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma.  The topic was Auriemma’s new contract that will pay him more than legendary Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt.  To suggest he was irate over this new development would be an understatement.  But […]

How’s Your Bracket?

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor For as long as I can remember, when the month of March rolls around I like millions of other Americans go underground into a secluded bunker filled with videotapes, stats and team profiles to prepare for the benchmark moment of the entire sports calendar: Filling in my March Madness, NCAA […]

Doing What’s Right: Too Hard for Too Many

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor When I was growing up, we had a neighbor named Mr. Detwiler.  He was our neighborhood’s official Mean Guy.  He didn’t speak to anyone; he didn’t acknowledge anyone.  At least that’s how he treated all the kids.  And because of it, he became The Guy No One Liked.  It was […]

BCS “Championship” Game Proves Little

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor  If it’s the first week of January, it must be time for the Ohio State Buckeyes to get slapped, spanked and sent home by yet another SEC football team in the BCS championship game.  Last year, it was Florida.  You’ll recall Ohio State ran back the opening kick-off for a touchdown . . […]

BCS a Mess After Another Wild Saturday

It’s a mess.  In a college football season that has made the improbable the only constant, Saturday’s championship and rivalry showdowns followed the 2007 script to perfection: What you were sure would happen . . . did not. The championship scenario was very simple: West Virginia, a huge favorite over Pittsburgh in Morgantown, merely had to […]

Championship Saturday in College Football

The first Saturday in December, traditionally, is when college football and clarity meet head-on.  Conference championships are won, the bowl picture is cleared up and, more often than not, all hell breaks loose.  Today shapes up as yet another one of those days.  Your biggest games: Missouri vs. Oklahoma, Big 12 Championship Tennessee vs. LSU, SEC Championship […]

Kansas vs. Missouri: Great for College Football

Let’s face it, when you think KU vs. Mizzou, it’s the Border War on the hardwood that comes to mind.  Be it Allen Fieldhouse, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Norm Stewart, The Antlers and so much more, these two universities, alumni, students and fan bases simply don’t see eye-to-eye.  And in football, they . . . wait . […]