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A Trophy for Everyone: The Seeds of Entitlement

When I was growing up, I played sports.  Basketball was what I eventually settled on by high school but prior to that I also played baseball and ran track.  When there was a tournament during the year or the playoffs at the end of the season, there were winners and there were losers.  The winners got […]

U.S. Healthcare: Bending Your Bank Account

By Christopher Gabriel, A few months ago, my 18-month-old daughter hurt her left elbow.  There was no bruising, no blood . . . absolutely nothing my wife and I could see that was causing her to be in what clearly was excruciating pain.  She walked around with her arm hanging down beside her, tilting her body […]

Sugar and Spice Not Always So Nice

By Christopher Gabriel, My wife and I live in a lovely suburb of Minneapolis.  Good schools, lots of parks and lakes, plenty of restaurants . . . nice.  The other day, I went to a nice coffee shop in our nice suburb and saw a picture on the wall that wasn’t so nice.  The photo showed approximately 20 young women in […]

When Teens Take Over the Playground

It’s tough being a teen.  While they’re busy trying to find their own identity, adults are busy trying to find it for them.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, television shows, movies, advertisers selling them things . . . the list is endless.  And then there’s their friends.  The crowd they hang out with often has the greatest impact on them, nudging […]

Can Two Sisters Control the Universe?

By Christopher Gabriel, There was a time not so long ago when we were the parents that got a good chuckle over the wild stories we heard from other parents about their children.  The assaults on their sanity, the mass chaos that would commence without warning and the meltdowns in stores.  Good laughs, indeed, because […]

Wandering Aimlessly at the Mall . . . and in Life

By Christopher Gabriel, Blog Harbor The fact the word “Mall” is in the title of this piece tells an awful lot about me.  Yes, I go to malls.  And not only do I go to them, I enjoy them.  Usually.  Most men I know refuse to admit they ever venture forth to these bastions of […]

Demando and Commando

It starts early in the evening, like a slow drip from a faucet.  The requests, the questions, the “problems” and the manipulations.  Then, the slow drip progresses swiftly to a flash flood.  Rapid-fire requests, complex questions with a degree of difficulty rivaling an SAT, major issues requiring immediate attention and even more requests on top of more and more […]