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A Sign for the Times We Live In

A Sign for the Times We Live In

A topic on my program today dealt with the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota and their desire to have $30 fines for anyone caught texting while driving.  Were it up to me, the fine would be no less than $500.  It’s time to stop treating this with kid gloves.  A new law and fine […]

Eye on Monday: Sneak-a-Peek Cell Phone Technique (video)

I was speaking with a friend the other day about people and their cell phones. Namely, how folks can be in mid-sentence with you, stop abruptly, check their cell for a new text message and then continue talking as if nothing happened. Or, worse, they’ll actually interrupt you to read a text, then send a reply […]

Eye on Monday: Greek Easter Can Be Dangerous (video)

As any of you who come to Blog Harbor on a regular basis know, I’m Greek.  Greek, as in Greek Orthodox.  And while I always celebrate Easter on it’s traditional day, Orthodox Easter follows the Julian Calendar which means, more often than not, Greek Easter is after Passover.  So, two Easter dinners.  Greek People: It’s […]

The Three Minnesota Driving Styles Direct from Hades

Christopher Gabriel, I often think it’s me, this uncanny ability I possess that allows me to drive directly behind, or in front of, The Driver Spawned From the Depths of Hades.  And for those of you not up on your Greek mythology, Hades was the God of the Underworld, which also went by the same name.  Not […]

Eye on Monday: Earth Hour

Eye on Monday: Earth Hour

 On Saturday, March 28, 2009, close to one billion people in nearly 4000 cities across more than 80 countries came together for an event called Earth Hour.  From the tiny Chatham Islands of New Zealand to the Palace of Westminster in London to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the symbolic gesture of switching off lights for one hour, beginning […]

The Drive-Thru Window and #3418

Christopher Gabriel, It all started out like a great idea.  You drive up and order.  You drive a little further and pay.  Then you wait patiently before you receive what you’ve ordered.  And within minutes, you’re on your way.  Coffee, food, prescriptions, even alcohol – you did it all without ever getting out of the car.  It’s […]

A Trophy for Everyone: The Seeds of Entitlement

When I was growing up, I played sports.  Basketball was what I eventually settled on by high school but prior to that I also played baseball and ran track.  When there was a tournament during the year or the playoffs at the end of the season, there were winners and there were losers.  The winners got […]