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"RENT" on The CG Program (audio)

“RENT” on The CG Program (audio)

Here in the Red River Valley, the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre (FMCT) is a longstanding arts staple, and with good reason: Their productions often rival major regional theatre productions that bring in casts made up largely from New York City-based actors. Their Artistic Director, Scott Brusven, is the perfect person to be holding that position. He understands a […]

Spotlight: Sandy Boren-Barrett, Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, make sure and read Part 1 of my interview with Sandy Boren-Barrett.  She’s got a lot to say and every word is well worth your time. Here’s Part 2: CG:  Sandy, over the years during rough economic times people have gravitated to the arts for a bit of an escape.  What kind of […]

Spotlight: Sandy Boren-Barrett

Today is the beginning of the Spotlight series at Blog Harbor. In the coming months you’ll be reading interviews with an eclectic mix of professionals at the top of their game in the arts, media, sports, politics, child psychology, business and environmental issues.  You’ll even meet a group of 13 pretty amazing teens in middle school and high school.  And of course […]

Eye on Monday: Stages Theatre Company, Hopkins, MN

Eye on Monday: Stages Theatre Company, Hopkins, MN

This week’s Eye on Monday has a dual purpose.  It not only will highlight one of the two professional theatre companies for young audiences in the Twin Cities, but it will also serve as what amounts to an opening act for a new Blog Harbor feature called Spotlight.  Spotlight will be an interview series that does exactly what the […]

The End of a Teaching Year

The End of a Teaching Year

I want to step out of character for a moment and, essentially, step in character.  The professional hats I wear are radio talk host, freelance writer and theatre instructor.  It’s that last one that gets attention today. Although I rarely talk about it here, most people who know me understand one of my great passions in […]

A Night at the High School Musical

I went to high school in the mid-1970’s just outside of Philadelphia.  Our school was known for exceptional academics and strong sports teams.  The arts?  We had a decent choral group and the orchestra was passable. Oh, and there was the theatre department.  Calling it an actual department may be an overstatement.  Our school put on two shows every […]