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Sugar and Spice Not Always So Nice

By Christopher Gabriel, My wife and I live in a lovely suburb of Minneapolis.  Good schools, lots of parks and lakes, plenty of restaurants . . . nice.  The other day, I went to a nice coffee shop in our nice suburb and saw a picture on the wall that wasn’t so nice.  The photo showed approximately 20 young women in […]

The “Dangerous” Sarah Palin

By Christopher Gabriel, At a major political convention, a young politician bursts onto the national scene.  A gifted speaker who is tough, smart, poised and knows how to turn a phrase to get a laugh.  This individual is hailed as one of America’s great leaders of the future.  That person was Barack Obama. When he spoke at the […]

Women: The Power that Transforms

Let me get this out of the way right at the top:  I’ve been together with my wife 19 years with this July marking our 15th wedding anniversary.  I could not be a happier married man.  I have two healthy, beautiful daughters… ok, you’re thinking there’s a “but” coming.  There is, though it has absolutely […]